The global spread of COVID-19 has already locked  many people from all walks of life at home idle . It even  made high level decision making so difficult due to social distancing as prescribed by WHO. However, with the use of the right mix of technology devices, office workers can work from home, students can attend online lessons , and decision makers can hold vertuial meeting with no significant impact on thier productivity.
Hence, we are pleased to offer our respected customers “work from home kit” described as below:
1. Logitech C992 is full HD 1080p web camera, ideal for facebook , skype, BlueJeans, Zoom etc remote meeting.

2. Logitech H540  is amazing true sound enabled headset for  high quality audio of any type.

3. D-link 3G/4G routers will make you share your Internet connection among others offering you fast,secure and reliable Internet  surfing experience.